Star Kingdom aims to reactivate ‘Project Levity’

MICROWIKI (CS) | The Star Kingdom is seeking to bring ‘Project Levity’ back to life under the ‘Project Micronations to Macronations’ title, in an attempt to crowd-fund the purchase of sovereign property.

The Star Kingdom’s King Austin Rowe is behind the attempt, hoping that a group of micronations will succeed in coming together to purchase a “large piece” of property, to be subdivided proportionally according to each micronation’s investment in the project. Once the land is acquired and the land built up with population centres, Rowe believes that the group would meet United Nations requirements to attain status as a sovereign state.

Said Rowe of his motivation in re-launching the initiative, “this is just to help serious micronations out since we all know that the majority of us can’t dish out all the money by ourselves for a big piece of property.”

The original Project Levity was founded by Jacob Tierney in 2009 with the goal of acquiring thirty square-kilometres of inhabitable land through an investment of £3,000,000. That project quickly became sidetracked due to financial and legal complications as well as the long-term horizon for realizing the project’s ultimate goal.

In responding to Rowe’s campaign, Tierney cautioned him against reactivating the project, stating that it is “legally complex, financially prohibitive and more over you will be no closer to your final goal even if you succeed.”

Star Kingdom aims to reactivate ‘Project Levity’