GUM election pits incumbent Kennedy against Belcher

MICROWIKI (CS) | With only days left in the latest chairperson election at the Grand Unified Micronational, incumbent Joseph Kennedy is neck-and-neck with challenger Adam Belcher who is seeking his first term.

In an August 31 interview with Consolidated Network News, Kennedy spoke of his accomplishments in the past three months as chairperson, with particular emphasis on the GUM Library project and undertaking a review of the organization’s Charter to correct various errors. He stated that his plan if re-elected would be to provide a renewed focus on the secretariats and committees of the organization, several of which have languished in inactivity. These bodies were originally founded to address common issues in the MicroWiki community and Kennedy’s intention to focus on them would be in line with his belief that the organization should serve primarily as “a way to build solidarity and cooperation …, [to] defend the rights of the member-states and educate younger nations ….”

Belcher, who also spoke with Consolidated Network News, criticized Kennedy’s lack of progress on administrative matters and projects during his expiring term, stating his belief that “much more could have been done,” citing crippling inactivity of the secretariats. If elected, Belcher has committed, in a three-page manifesto, to streamlining the administrative procedures of the organization to ensure that Secretariats are performing their functions and obligations to report to the Quorum of Delegates and that key information, such as meeting agendas, are kept up-to-date. Belcher also stated his desire to create Junior Secretaries, who would take charge of projects when the Secretaries are on leave, so as to avoid unnecessary delays in progress.

A particular point of contention for Belcher was Kennedy’s implied confidence in his re-election conveyed by the lack of desire to release a manifesto unless the “situation warrants it”. Belcher challenged Kennedy to release his own in response. “I would be interested to hear his response to my challenges and also any challenges he has to my own manifesto,” said Belcher. As of press time, Kennedy has not yet accepted the challenge, and it is unclear if the issue will become a deal-breaker for him as Kennedy garnered five of eleven nominations cast by the September 4 deadline.

Voting will conclude in September 11 with the victor taking office on September 13. If re-elected, Kennedy will become the first consecutive term holder of the chairpersonship since Jacob Tierney achieved the feat in 2011.

GUM election pits incumbent Kennedy against Belcher