Covanellis dreams big with billions in infrastructure

MICROWIKI (CS) | Big dreams have been laid out by the Covanellis Republic to build a 130 square kilometre city, but how it will raise the billions of dollars required remains unclear.

The ambitious plan, laid out by President Bailey McCahon, would see the construction of a city of 20,000 to 100,000 inhabitants in Australia complete with nearly $3 billion of infrastructure to be constructed, including a school, hospital, utilities, and a maglev train to Sydney and Melbourne. This would simply be the start of the project, with McCahon desiring to spend an eventual $50-to-$70 billion to “make the quality of life in Covanellis one of the best in the world … and [to] make the economy largely impermeable [to a] financial crisis.”

All of this, it seems, would be accomplished primarily by the creation of a thriving aquaculture industry in the micronation which would yield anywhere from $5-to-$30 billion in revenue according to the plan. “We would farm the numerous species of aquatic plants, which are widely sought for uses in aquariums, food sources and livestock feed,” said McCahon, noting that such plants are “highly sought after and expensive” in reference to his estimated revenue of $5 USD for one square-inch of Java Moss. Further revenue in support of the plan would be garnered from technological and banking services, as well as the creation of an entertainment industry.

No business plan has been authored to support McCahon’s revenue figures and it is unclear whether Covanellis would be able to corner the global aquaculture market, which is expected to value just under $16 billion by 2019, sufficiently to even meet the lower end of its expectation. McCahon nonetheless hopes to see his plan to fruition for a planned secession timeframe of 2025 to 2030.

Covanellis is the second micronation this year to arrive in the MicroWiki Community with big dreams and no apparent rational financial or legal plan for attaining its desired end result. In May, King Shamus of Madrona boasted that his micronation was in “discussion” with the Canadian government to take over one-third of its territory to create a new nation with a $22 trillion gross domestic product.

In providing the only community feedback on the Covanellis plan, King Shamus was supportive of Covanellis’ plan, but criticized the accuracy of some of its cost figures for the various projects and, with respect to certain projects, characterized some as using unnecessarily complicated methods.

Covanellis dreams big with billions in infrastructure

2 thoughts on “Covanellis dreams big with billions in infrastructure

  1. Hello from the Republic of Covanellis,

    After reading your article regarding the ambitious plans that we have set ourselves, I have initiated a move to produce a business and economic plan for the nation before the end of 2014, and shall review our ideas regarding the aquaculture project.

    The one thing that I must correct is that the figures provided regarding Aquaculture were based on the international fish industry. Aquatic plants are far more expensive than most fish, and are at relatively similar levels regarding demand. Never the less, we shall review plans, produce a business and economic plan for Covanellis, and expand our ideas to include more industries, as I can foresee much of our Aquaculture industry being toned down to make way for different fields.

    We thank you for your constructive criticism, and hope that our new economic plans, to be released by the end of this year, will be far more realistic and achievable. Until then, best of luck!

    Bailey McCahon (President)


  2. Thank you for your feedback, President McCahon. I would certainly be interested in seem the business and economic plan when it is available for release.

    My concern with your focus on the aquatic plant industry is that, whether it’s worth more than the figure I quoted in the article, you must still corner a massive portion of the marketplace in order to achieve your goal. I believe that your desire to expand into more industries would certainly provide you with a much more reliable income; whether or not it will ever be enough to attain your very ambitious plan and timeframe, that will have to be seen.


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