Haifan Prime Minister resigns in frustration

ABEIS (CS) | The Prime Minister of Haifa has announced his immediate resignation, including the renunciation of his citizenship, with a scathing speech condemning his compatriots’ apparent opposition to his agenda.

Today’s announcement by Benjamin Meir followed a lengthy, frustrating parliamentary process concerning the Treaty of St. Andre which facilitated a land exchange between Haifa and Natopia. The treaty was initially spearheaded by Meir and, despite submissions to the Cabinet and Parliament seeking the involvement of other Haifans in the negotiating process, “there was no timely response,” according to Meir.

Indeed, Haifa’s Parliament only began providing feedback on the treaty after the Natopians had already ratified it, a situation that Meir found embarrassing, especially given opposition from his fellow parliamentarians. Erlo Sinders called Meir’s decision to seek Port Andre from Natopia as acquiring a “backwater without any useful natural resources, far from any pre-existing shipping lanes,” noting he wanted Haifa to seek “more relevant” territory.

Haifa’s Parliament did ratify the treaty, but primarily as a means of saving face given its long-delay with handling the issue and Natopia’s ratification of the treaty in the meantime.

That, however, was not enough for Meir, who voiced his opinion that how the ratification process unfolded was, in his belief, a direct result of his proposals and opinions encountering opposition from all of his fellow Haifans.

“I have really come to rethink whether my proposals and opinions really are welcome here at all, and whether I can truly be effective as Prime Minister with the way things were almost derailed with that vote,” said Meir. He went on to condemn Haifa as “merely some component of Hamland,” where he was elected to be a figurehead Prime Minister as opposed to someone to lead the micronation back to activity.

As of press time, there has been no response to Meir’s announcement by other Haifans.

Haifan Prime Minister resigns in frustration