Alexandrian legislature concludes summer sitting

GENEVA (CS) | With the latest sitting of the Imperial Assembly set to dissolve today, the Aguilar government is closing the books on a busy summer legislative session.

The current sitting marked the second since the last activity and constitutional crisis struck Alexandria earlier this year, as well as the second under First Consul Primo de Aguilar, who has played a guiding role in the micronation’s recovery. In this session, Aguilar’s government was successful in passing ten new bills into law, including his most significant measure, an updated Criminal Code.

Only one measure will die on the order table when the sitting concludes, that being a bill to regulate the use of multiple simulated characters by a single individual to develop the broader “in-sim” identity of Alexandria.

Yet the apparent success may arguably be considered as superficial, glossing over a continuing challenge for Alexandria in getting individuals engaged in the legislative process. Of the ten bills passed into law this sitting, eight were passed by unanimous consent with little or no debate, though some of this lack of involvement may be credited to the summer season.

The next sitting of the Imperial Assembly will convene on Monday, October 6. While he has not made known his intentions as of press time, Aguilar is believed to be interested in seeking a third term as First Consul.

Alexandrian legislature concludes summer sitting