Brettish Isles imposes punitive tariff on Alexandria

WESTMINSTER (CS) | Following the rejection of his citizenship application in Alexandria, Brettish Isles Treasury Secretary Thadeus Lange has imposed a punitive tariff on transactions originating from that micronation.

Lange, who has historically also used the identities of Gustave Chevalier, Giles Melang, or originally Xon, re-applied for Alexandrian citizenship on September 28 and was immediately denied by Emperor Edgard Carrillo. That denial stemmed from Lange, when he was using the Chevalier moniker, leaving Alexandria in bad taste and proceeding to insult the micronation throughout Micras while even trying to incite his native Shireroth to declare a war against it.

Lange plead to have the decision reversed, stating that his previous actions were “in-character” and not reflective of his latest intentions to participate honestly in Alexandria. Despite his plea, Carrillo’s decision remained unchanged. Said Carrillo, “We’re simply not interested in adding a citizen that won’t be committed, will simply try to plunder what he can out of Alexandria (again) and then get up and leave.”

The blunt rejection apparently served to incite Lange, who quickly, through his authority as the Brettish Isles Secretary of the Treasury, ordered that all transactions originating from Alexandria into the Brettish Isles would have a 25% tariff levied. That tariff would, according to Lange, be used to fund upgrades to the Royal Navy and to erect a monument to former Lord Protector Jack de Montfort.

Alexandria’s economy is presently not very active and there is no formal trade relationship between the two micronations, indicating that there is little financial impact from the tariffs, except for Lange’s personal satisfaction in light of the citizenship spat.

Brettish Isles imposes punitive tariff on Alexandria