One-on-One: Ryker Everstone

SHIREKEEP (CS) | The Coprieta Standard sat down with the newest Kaiser of Shireroth, Ryker Everstone, to discuss his plans for the micronation and gain his insights on issues facing the community.

CS: For those who are unfamiliar, would you please provide our readers with a brief introduction of yourself and how you came to join micronationalism?

RE: I am Ryker J. Everstone, founder and Count of Suthergold, Duke of Goldshire and Kaiser of Shireroth. I came across this hobby by chance, really. I’ve always loved the idea of such experimentation as is allowed here and so I set out to find some outlet for my ideas. That was when I stumbled over [Scott Alexander’s] article about his 5000 days in micronationalism and, after some digging in the comments, I found [the Bastion Union].

CS: Please allow me to congratulate you on ascending to the throne of Shireroth, one of the oldest Internet micronations still in existence. What are your plans for the micronation during your term as Kaiser?

RE: As some already know, I’m very much opposed to war and premature casualties in general. I also strongly believe that national subdivisions should have more power than the central government. To this end I have started a process of reducing the Imperial Military to the point at which it may only fend off an initial invasion until State forces mobilize. That being said, I have done and will do everything in my power to avoid armed conflict in the first place. I’ve even recently declared Shirekeep (our Capital) an official demilitarized zone. No death or destruction, just growth and prosperity.

CS: Shireroth was recently rocked by the secession of the Duchy of Kildare, one of its most historical lands, which has rebranded itself as a military republic known as the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth’s East. How will your government deal with the Apollonian Republic on a go-forward basis?

RE: We certainly hope to hold friendly relations with the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth’s East (A.R.S.E.) and that no physical conflict between our two parties definitely allows for such a situation. There’s no ill will from our side and I’ve little reason to believe that they’ve any contempt towards us. Our two nations will, with any luck, be locked in a fruitful bond of fraternity for so long as good intentions are present.

CS: You recently commented during a Committee for Micronational Progress discussion that “micronationalism needs to get back into the old dating game,” to attract new participants. Would you care to share some of your ideas for drawing new interest to the community’s borders?

RE: Ask your friends… all of them! Some are bound to stick around and a few may just turn out like me. Firing in the dark will yield more results than keeping your gun on safety.

CS: As a relatively young participant in the Micras community, you’ve established a strong reputation as a result of your keen interest and motivation. If you were to mentor a newcomer to the community, what advice would you give to help him/her maintain their participation?

RE: Be competent and confident. Try new things, ask for advice, admit defeat, learn the histories, keep your mouth clean, find your niche and then see if you can find another. If you want to hold the highest office in a nation, you need people to want you to be their superior.

CS: In your opinion, what are some key characteristics that make a successful micronation, or alternatively if you wish, what things have you observed that have led to failure?

RE: A successful micronation has quite a few active members. Of these members, some must be critical, some must be neutral, a lot must be crafty, some must regulate the sanity of others, and a few must be rather messy.

CS: Any final thoughts?

RE: Never be afraid to ditch tradition every now and then; it makes room for so much more.

One-on-One: Ryker Everstone