Polish Sector re-mapped

COPRIETA (CS) | The Polish Sector of simulationist micronations has received an updated world map thanks to the efforts of cartographer Daniel von Witt over the course of several weeks.

Witt's world map of the Polish Sector micronations.
Witt’s world map of the Polish Sector micronations.

Working under the auspices of the Królewski Instytut Kartograficzny (Royal Institute of Cartography), Witt developed the new world map based on a series of new standards that were adopted as a means of standardising the mapping practices within the Sector. The map, depicting thirty-one micronations across six continents, is meant as an informative representation of the micronational world, as it is not yet sanctioned by all governments within the community.

The Institute, created in 2013, is tasked with promoting the research and development of natural sciences, developing maps, and providing expertise in the areas of geography and cartography. Under the leadership of Witt, it has released numerous maps since its inception.

With files from Kurier.

Polish Sector re-mapped