Zealandian Minister speech addresses socialism, equality

KREMLUM SANDUS (CS) | Zealandia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressing the Sandum Citizen’s Communist Party Congress, praised her micronation’s continued shift towards socialism away from its constitutional absolute monarchy.

In her speech, Anna Lindström, who is a member of the socialist-leaning Alternative! Party of Independence and Labour, gleamed about the “massive shift towards more socialistic policies.” She described Zealandia as “a nation [that has] become a collective with collectives,” referring to two successful offline meetings in which a number of citizens came together to debate various laws and policies within the micronation.

Lindström credited the micronation’s military with engaging in anti-fascist operations within neighbouring Australia as a part of its wider agenda stemming from the Syndicalism and Anti-Fascism Act. That Act, which moves Zealandia further towards socialism, has also contributed to it forming a stronger bond with Sandus, who she described warmly as “our socialist friends”.

A final key theme of the speech involved Lindström reflecting on her micronation’s push for equity. She noted that Zealandia has worked to discourage racism in neighbouring communities, made it easier for its transgender population to obtain official paperwork and identification cards, and fought to protect LGBT micronationalists from discrimination throughout the community.

“We have been with other states at the forefront of ensuring queer micronationalists aren’t discriminated against and fighting discrimination where we see it,” said Lindström.

Zealandian Minister speech addresses socialism, equality