Aikavia seeks annexation by Ashukovo

IZTARIA (CS) | A recent decision by the Aikavian Federation to join Ashukovo as its sixth state has been warmly received by the latter with further discussions planned this month regarding the matter.

Citing his micronation’s small population and surrounding political instability in its neighbours, Aikavian President Pravoslav Kosnickij, felt that seeking annexation by Ashukovo was the “best solution for the future.”

The approach was welcomed by Ashukovo’s Prime Minister, Sebastian Schriber, who quickly sought to further discussions on the matter, including making a commitment to send foreign honorary citizens to Aikavia to increase activity and assist with its conversion to the Ashukov system of government. Schriber alluded to his hope that the annexation would be complete as soon as just after this Christmas.

In joining Ashukovo, Aikavia would bring two new citizens to the micronation as well as a history and culture dating back to 2010 when it was originally founded. As a secessionist micronation, Aikavia has lodged claims that include St. Nicola Island in Montenegro and the uninhabitable Rockall in the North Atlantic Ocean, in addition to various exclaves within central Slovakia. These claims would presumably be welcomed by Ashukovo, which self-identifies with secessionism according to its MicroWiki profile.

Aikavia seeks annexation by Ashukovo

2 thoughts on “Aikavia seeks annexation by Ashukovo

  1. HL Richard I says:

    As an aside, the name of the nation is not ‘Ashukov’.
    It is either ‘Ashukovo’ or ‘the Ashukov Tsardom’, or even the ‘Tsardom of Ashukovo’.

    5 minutes of using the wiki would have revealed this to you.


  2. Thank you for notifying me of the typo. It’s been corrected where required. I regret the error.

    But thank you for being passive-aggressive about the typo through your closing comment to me. I’m glad that you have superhuman expectations of my ability to author a hundred articles each year without making a typo or mistake every now and then. It’s rather flattering!


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