One-on-One: Carl Jackson

CS: Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and how you came to become involved in micronationalism?

CM: I’m Carl Jackson, founder of the Safirian Empire among other things. I’m a 20-year-old autistic hikikomori from Florida. 😦 I discovered micronationalism in 2010; how I discovered it I sadly don’t remember, other than that it involved a political simulation with some British friends for about a year before that.

CS: You’re the founder of the Safirian Empire, which has been existent on Micras in one-form or another for about half a decade now. Would you provide our readers with a brief introduction to the Empire and perhaps share your inspirations for its culture?

CM: The Safirian Empire is a large star empire centered on the planet Daia, approximately 7500 light-years distant from Micras; its current incarnation has existed for about a hundred years, while the Safir civilization in general is several million years old, according to known records. (These are in-game years.) Traditionally, Safir culture is quite aesthetic, with a particular love of uniqueness and impermanence; their decision-making, meanwhile, has normally been by consensus — owing to the safir’s psionic nature — but this has been disregarded by the last few Safir Empresses, who have had to rule by decree given large-scale governmental apathy (OOC: the fact that it’s a one-man nation *laughs*). I’ve drawn inspiration from Heian- to Edo-period Japan, as well as various works of fiction.

CS: I’ve noticed that Safiria focuses closely on sport; however the overall goals of the micronation beyond that aspect seem murky at present. What does the future have in store for Safiria?

CM: The goals for the future are to flesh out Safiria’s history and worldbuilding, and concoct some form of government that both fits the Safir worldview, etc. and can work for a one-man nation as well as a many-person one.

CS: Let’s touch back on the topic of sport. You’ve been heavily involved in micronational simulated sport for many years, whether it was baseball, football, or gridiron football. In your opinion, how does sport benefit the Simulationist community and the individual micronation?

CM: Through sports, micronations and -nationalists of all different stripes get to interact with each other, even when they wouldn’t otherwise. It helps that it’s fun. *laughs*

CS: Earlier this year, you were made Kaiser of Shireroth under the Royal moniker of Trantor IV, and unfortunately you had an arguably rough brief reign. Almost a year later, can you share with us your thoughts on that episode of your micronational career?

CM: It was a complete train wreck, and I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Next question?

CS: If you were approached by a newcomer to the community who wanted to found a new micronation, what advice would you give?

CM: Get your footings first before trying to go it alone. New-person micronations rarely if ever last.

CS: As a participant in the Simulationist community for the last half-decade, what is your fondest memory to date? What about your deepest regret?

CM: I don’t have any particular fond memories, and my deepest regret would be either acting stupid right when I joined up… or Trantor IV.

CS: Any final thoughts?

CM: I wish I could go back to 2010 and try again. 😦

One-on-One: Carl Jackson