Micras Sector coping with increased spambot activity

HUB.MN (CS) | A flurry of spambot registrations since yesterday has led several Micras Sector micronations and organizations to limit accessibility to discussion forums as a countermeasure.

Evidence of a ‘bot invasion’ arose early yesterday morning when administrators with the Bastion Union reported that dozens of spambots had bypassed forum security measures, leading to over one-hundred posts being made before further countermeasures were enacted. The increased activity led Bastion administrators to temporarily disable new user registration.

A similar story unfolded in Gotzborg when approximately sixty spam posts were made at the forums before administrators introduced a requirement for new user accounts to be administratively approved due to the unusual spambot activity. Since those measures were implemented, more than two-hundred spambot accounts have attempted to register at the forums.

Hamland appears to have been hardest hit during the onslaught, with their forums being disabled until better security measures can be implemented.

With the Bastion Union using phpBB3 and Gotzborg using SMF, it appears that the code now being used by spambots has succeeded in bypassing normal security measures (CAPTCHA and Security Question measures) included in these popular discussion platforms.

Individuals seeking to activate new accounts at an affected micronational discussion board are recommended to contact one of the board’s administrators to expedite approval of the account where new registrations are still being accepted during the ongoing heightened spambot activity.

Micras Sector coping with increased spambot activity