Safiria releases new licence plates

AŇIRA (CS) | A year-end initiative by the Safir government has resulted in the creation of several eye-catching licence plates that have received acclaim throughout the micronational community.

The licence plates, designed by Carl Jackson and released between December 18th and 24th, include one for each of the micronation’s nine mainland states, as well as a special-issue diplomatic plate. The plates are predominantly stamped according to the Safir government; however, certain states, particularly Evari and Umaront, will use printed lettering.

The Safir release follows an equally extensive release of licence plates by Austbard in August of this year, which represented the second year in a row that that micronation has led development of these unique symbols in the Micras community. Senya, the Gong Federation, and Høgmårk also released licence plate designs in 2014.

Click through the gallery below to view the licence plates released by these micronations this year.

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2014-12-28 19:15 MST – This article has been updated to include the Gong Federation licence plate released on December 24, which we were made aware of after the article was originally published.

Safiria releases new licence plates