Push underway for reform in Hamland

NEW KIRRIE (CS) | With the year coming to an end, the Hammish Parliament is set to begin discussions on a variety of proposed reforms for the New Year.

The reforms, proposed by Lewis, would take effect within the next term of office for the government and focus on four major areas of the micronation: the economy; the discussion forum; the constitution; and, the Parliament.

The most significant reform would affect the economy, which is generally, at present, a non-interactive formula-based system that uniquely uses the Small Commonwealth Exchange stock unit as currency. Lewis calls for a “Return to the Real Economy” that would allow citizens to “trade how they like,” referring to his belief that citizens wish to use the SCUE Unit for currency as most other Micras micronations do, rather than the more obscure and less popular stock exchange units. The use of the stock exchange units is considered by some to be a limitation on intermicronational trade with Hamland.

Also proposed is the review of the current system of regional representation for the Parliament and an assessment of the constitution to ensure its “simplicity”. That simplistic approach is also being advocated for restructuring the discussion forum, to make it more user-friendly and navigable.

Further discussion on the proposals by Parliament has been tentatively scheduled for mid-January at the earliest.

Push underway for reform in Hamland