Damages sought in Commonwealth Global dissolution

SHIREKEEP — Alexandria’s government has filed a case before the Shirerithian courts in an effort to reclaim the assets of the Commonwealth Global Corporation, which it claims were fraudulently moved to Shireroth.

In its filing before the Imperial Judex, the Alexandrian government claims that the former CEO of Commonwealth Global, Giles Melang, fraudulently transferred several hundred Erb to various stakeholders and the Shirithian government in September 2013 in contravention of the law in both micronations. The claim states that Melang transferred and distributed all funds belonging to the Alexandrian-based Corporation during an attempt to illegally dissolve it. At stake is a total sum of 1467 Erb.

For its part, Alexandria is hoping that the Imperial Judex will find that a fraud did occur under the provisions of Shirerithian law and order that the assets be frozen until returned in-full to the Corporation. The assets would inevitably be distributed to any creditors and the Alexandrian government, as the corporation officially entered into receivership on January 1 of this year.

An intervener in the matter, the Elwynnese state government, which benefited from the distribution of funds by Melang, has petitioned the Judex to reject the Alexandrian application citing jurisdictional limitations. It has expressed its opinion that the Imperial Judex cannot hear disputes from foreign powers against Shireroth or its constituent states. It has instead suggested that the matter be resolved through diplomatic channels.

Melang has not yet filed a Statement of Defence in response to the claim though he did provide a brief statement to the Court. “I categorically deny and oppose this claim,” stated Melang, echoing the Elwynnese argument that the Imperial Judex has no jurisdiction over the matter.

Damages sought in Commonwealth Global dissolution

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