2014 FNORD Award recipients announced

HUB.MN –- Following a week of sequestering, the judging panel for the 2014 FNORD Awards have announced the winners from across the Micras community.

In the three-way race for the community’s most prestigious award, the Odlum Award for Overall Achievement, Harald Thorstein edged out fellow nominees Edgard Carrillo and Jezza Rasmus, joining the group of a dozen previous recipients of the award.

Thorstein’s micronation of Stormark also jointly received the Beard Award for Conflict Resolution, along with Natopia, for their role in convening the ongoing Tapfer Conference that seeks to define a new relationship between the two micronations, as well as the Empire of the Alexandrians, all of whom hold territory on that continent of Micras.

The Coprieta Standard was also honoured with the Iain Jacobson Award for Micronational Journalism, marking the third consecutive year that it has received that Award. The Standard faced stiff competition this year with the upstart Micras Observer having garnered much attention and praise for its unique editorial content.

The awards for Best New Idea and Most Promising New Micronation were not named this year, as the judging panel was unable to come to a consensus on the nominees in each category.

This also marked the first year that a historic award was renamed, with the Tony Au Award for Economics, named for the Micras’ community’s founding economist, being renamed in honour of its most recent prodigy in the field, Andreas the Wise.

The full list of this year’s recipients is as follows:

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The Shane Odlum Award for Overall Achievement, Harald Thorstein
The Liam conToketi Award for Most Promising New Micronationalist, James Knight
The Iain Jacobson Award for Journalism, The Coprieta Standard
The Erik Mortis Award for Leadership, Nathan Waffel-Paine
The Jeremy Bellamy Award for Literature, Shyriath Bukolos
The Bill Dusch Award for Cultural Development, The Apollonian Confederation
The Charles Beard Award for Conflict Resolution, The Governments of Natopia and Stormark
The Rebecca Panks Award for the Graphic Artz, Bjorn Olsen
The RIMA Award For Micronational History, Krasniy Yastreb
The Craitman Pellegrino Award for Sport, Barnaby Hands
The Andreas the Wise Award for Economics, Pallisico Sinclair
‘Tis But a Flesh Wound Award for Refusing to Give Up in the Face of Failure, Ryker Everstone

2014 FNORD Award recipients announced

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