The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere

The Coprieta Standard highlights some of the news stories from our fellow micronational news media services around the Blogosphere in the past week.

Vol. 1 Ed. 3

January 4 to 10, 2015

  • Just over three months following a fractious dispute between former Prime Minister Benjamin Meir and Erlo Sinders, the long-awaited dissolution of the micronation of Haifa has been finalized, the Genevan Arrow reports. The Dissolution Agreement will see the Micras territory of the now-former micronation divided between Hamland, Passio-Corum and Mercury, while a small portion of territory will be retained by a now-independent Port St. Andre, the official successor state to Haifa.
  • According to a report in the Austenasian Times, Austenasia and Landashir have agreed to jointly administer a “Scotland Office” that will serve as the official line of communication and diplomacy with the macronation. The Office may also host future summits and meetings between national leaders and members of the MicroWiki community attending the nearby Edinburgh University.
  • The architect of Hamland’s 2014 FNORD Award-winning economic system, Opyeme Time (Pallisico Sinclair), while appreciative of the honour bestowed has nonetheless described the system as having “essentially failed” due to a lack of its adoption by other micronations. “Ultimately the true success or failure of our economic system must be judged by the willingness of other nations … to adopt similar systems and to begin trading with us,” said Sinclair to the Daily Squidger, “We have failed on the international stage when it comes to actually promoting trade.”

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The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere