Alexandrian parties lay out election manifestos

GENEVA — With parliamentary elections having received a two-day extension on the original Monday vote date, Alexandria’s political parties have finally sprung to life, releasing their policy platforms.

The Union pour un Mouvement Démocrate (UMD), led by Sebastian Goddestreu, and the Liberal Alliance, under the leadership of Juana Beazcoetxea, both released policy platforms that centred heavily on the economy and the environment in addition to the traditional social policy areas.

Touting his party’s “proud record” on environmental and economic stewardship, Goddestreu committed to halt pollution into the Inner Cibolan Sea through tougher regulations while also introducing Green Tax Credits to encourage the development of sustainable energy resources.

The Liberal Alliance also committed to introducing tax credits for businesses that use green energy, but also suggested that the government would become directly involved in the construction of wind, solar, tidal and safe nuclear power plants. A sales tax increase on fossil fuels and other “environment-hurting products” would also be implemented by Beazcoetxea’s party.

While its position on the environment arguably borders on the centre-liberal, the Liberal Alliance took a somewhat more right-wing approach to its economic policy, embracing a capitalist market economy and stating its desire to privatize all State-owned companies while increasing free-trade with international partners. The Liberal Alliance would also forego any minimum wage, leaving the setting of salary a matter for employers to negotiate with their employees.

This contrasts significantly with the UMD’s union-focused approach that will aim to bring together government, business and trade unions to guide the administration of the micronation’s economy, while aiming to implement a minimum wage that will preserve the “dignity” of Alexandrians. According to Goddestreu, the UMD “will not hesitate to retain public ownership” of State-owned companies if the “common good” demanded such.

Alexandria’s third political party, the Parti Socialiste, has yet to release a manifesto. The election is scheduled to conclude tomorrow, with results to be announced by the State Electoral Commission.

Alexandrian parties lay out election manifestos