The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere

The Coprieta Standard highlights some of the news stories from our fellow micronational news media services around the Blogosphere in the past week.

Vol. 1 Ed. 4

January 11 to 17, 2015

  • Big change is on the way for St. Charlie next year, the Atlantis Post reports. The current party leaders are not expected to seek re-election during the 2016 General Election, leaving a void in the political landscape of the micronation and providing an opportunity for new faces to emerge and shape St. Charlie’s future. “Join St. Charlie now … we give the keys of the Nation for free,” said Minister Belfort to the Post.
  • Austenasia was the scene of two major political announcements this past week. According to reports in the Austenasian Times, a general election has been called for March 3, marking the first time that the micronation’s citizens will go to the polls in more than a year-and-a-half. The impromptu election is being called so that the government can seek a new mandate from a much-expanded population since the last vote. That expansion continued this week, with the four citizens of the micronation of Enfriqua joining Austenasia as a Crown Dependency.
  • Just over a week since it became the successor state of the former Micras micronation of Haifa, the geographically tiny St. Andre is seeking to punch above its weight. The St. Andre News Corporation reports that the micronation has not only authorized the creation of a military, but has also created a coast guard to assert control over its territorial waters. It remains unclear what foreign threat the government foresees.

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The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere