Goddestreu chosen as next First Consul

GENEVA — Having achieved a five-seat win over its chief rival, the Liberal Alliance, Alexandria’s Union pour un Mouvement Démocrate has also taken the First Consulship following a decisive vote.

Six of the ten Alexandrian legislators present during the seventy-two hour vote that concluded yesterday voted in support of UMD leader Sebastian Goddestreu becoming the First Consul for the new parliamentary session. Goddestreu beat rival Liberal Alliance leader Juana Beazcoetxea, who faced some embarrassment during the vote when her most vocal supporter, Margaret Angus, heckled another legislator for voting for Goddestreu.

For his part, Goddestreu has voiced his intention to seek the Liberal Alliance’s input on government business, believing that the UMD’s success in gaining the most seats of any party in the election requires it to encourage cooperation in the parliament. “I do not purport that my party alone can govern this country, not unless we somehow magically obtain a single-party majority,” said Goddestreu, referring to the 86 seats that the UMD holds of the 200 total.

Goddestreu anticipates aiming his government’s agenda toward reforming the relationship between the various levels of government in Alexandria, while working to codify the structure and responsibilities of the Imperial Civil Service. Educational reform and action on reducing environmental pollution were also singled-out by Goddestreu as priorities.

His overarching management philosophy as First Consul appears to be one that will focus on practicality. “I think we need common-sense, moderate government based on our common values … I am not a fan of big social experiments – I instead settle for practical policies that empower communities and improve the daily life of my fellow Alexandrians,” Goddestreu stated.

Goddestreu chosen as next First Consul