The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere

The Coprieta Standard highlights some of the news stories from our fellow micronational news media services around the Blogosphere in the past week.

Vol. 1 Ed. 5

January 18 to 24, 2015

  • The Sorrenian presidential election has transformed from a two-candidate race to a three-way race, as Jason Hale of the Party for Freedom and Democracy announced his candidacy, according to an article in the Llais y Gwirionedd. The March 2015 election will see Hale face-off against incumbent Alexei Janiszewski and Miles Pressland.
  • The political environment in St. Charlie boasts a healthy proportion of female representation, the Atlantis Post reported, marking a notable achievement in the often male-dominated world of micronationalism. Since being founded in November 2008, the micronation has seen ten women sit as Members of Parliament, with an eleventh expected following elections later this year.
  • The Zealandian Guardian reported that the micronation’s governing Watermelon Coalition scored a major political victory in surviving the summer session of the People’s Thing. There had been concern leading up to the session that the government’s landmark environmental legislation would be defeated. In the end, the historic Environmental Protection and National Parks Act, the first such legislation in Zealandia’s history, passed uneventfully.
The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere