Delvera seeks to expand online presence; return to MicroWiki

COPRIETA — The Grand Republic of Delvera is planning an expansion of its online presence, including rejoining the MicroWiki Community, over the course of the next six months according to officials.

In a briefing to diplomatic personnel in Gotzborg, Delvera’s former First Consul, Jordan Brizendine, stated that while the micronation’s government remains on a “semi-hiatus” due to macronational obligations, officials are nonetheless in the midst of planning several initiatives.

Chief among these initiatives is the creation of a website for the micronation, which will be used to jumpstart a campaign to rejoin the MicroWiki Community. The renewed online presence may also include a new national radio talk show as a means to “bring Delveran news media into the digital age,” Brizendine said.

In addition to a general cultural revival and expansion, Delvera will also be undertaking the creation and distribution of a new bullion-based currency. The currency, which will be pegged to an as-yet unnamed precious metal, will be used to underpin the micronation’s new economic system.

Founded in 2013, Delvera’s main developmental focus was predominantly political and military in nature, which remains a strong interest of citizens, but one which the government feels is detracting from wider development. “[We are] encouraging our citizens to branch out and search for other areas in which to contribute,” said Brizendine.

Delvera seeks to expand online presence; return to MicroWiki