The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere

The Coprieta Standard highlights some of the news stories from our fellow micronational news media services around the Blogosphere in the past week.

Vol. 1 Ed. 6

January 25 to 31, 2015

  • The creation of the National Employment Agency has allowed citizens of Adammia to begin claiming a minimum wage, reports the Adammic Express. Citizens can register for up to two jobs through the Agency and receive a bracketed minimum wage that is expected to range from 10p to £1. The lowest wage would be paid upon completion of one task within any given month, with the highest being paid upon completion of three tasks.
  • The Molossian Navy is continuing development on its own version of the Great Panjandrum, a rocket-powered assault wheel that the British military attempted to develop during World War II. Khamsin Molossia News reported that the ‘wonder weapon’ had undergone three tests which exposed various design flaws. Development of the Great Panjandrum nonetheless continues.
  • The government of Leylandiistan is hoping for a banner year in agriculture with several crops to be seeded, according to an article in Béal na Tíre. Plots in Eastern Gurvata and An Fheirm will be used to grow crops such as artichokes, fenugreek and soybean at a cost cheaper than existing imports. The government will also be attempting to grow sugar beets as part of a trial to extract their sugar to offset future import costs.
The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere