Letter: Yastreb wrong on Apollonian Confederation

LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Stellus Yastreb, in his recent interview comments to the Coprieta Standard on the Apollonian Confederation being founded as a plot to hold Shireroth hostage, missed the mark, Jezza Rasmus writes.

Dear Sir,

Your recent interview with Stellus Yastreb provided great insight into the mind of this micronationalist, who is very much respected for his contributions to the cultural development of Shireroth. While I applaud the Coprieta Standard for the high standard of this interview, I felt the discussion of the independence of the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth’s End and Gong Li needed a different point of view.

Together with Jonas, I am the instigator of our claim to independence, having first shared the idea with Jonas on October the 8th 2014, 21:30 Benelux time when I said (translated from the original Dutch): “We could split Kildare off, if you want some controversy’’.

Lord Yastreb states that it was our intention to hold Shireroth hostage and to seek great offers for our return. It would have been a nice plot to play out, but it wasn’t our plot. Jonas and I did indeed discuss returning to Shireroth, but not under circumstances like that. We both knew that it was the controversy that made it interesting for us to start the nation. We thought that after a few months the controversy would wear off and we would be tired of the project and return it to Shireroth.

It’s hard to prove that we didn’t intend to hold Shireroth hostage. One can’t prove a negative but some of your readers might be pleased to know that I don’t have a memory of us ever discussing that and I’m unable to find that in the chat logs of the period.

Most of the discussions about the budding republic were not unlike this, which took place on the 16th of October 2014:

(12:01:42) Jonas: Rasmus: that said: are we still going to call ourselves ARSE?
(12:01:46) Rasmus: yes
(12:02:00) Rasmus: why do you even ask? 😉
(12:02:24) Rasmus: we could make a xenophobic campaign ¨get out of our ARSE¨
(12:02:35) Jonas: i wanted to be sure that you weren’t trying to make me look foolish 😉

Most of our discussions on the ARSE were like that, making fun of our own nation and often also about our rivals in Shireroth, like on the 23rd of October, when we were discussing the terms for peace (this is partly translated from Dutch):

(23:51:52) Rasmus: Shall we trade Lichbrook for Aracigrad?
(23:51:58) Jonas: He didn’t react to well to my comment that they have standard treaties for recognitions. 😛
(23:52:24) Rasmus: I will make a nice treaty…
(23:53:18) Rasmus: Let’s see…
(23:53:19) Rasmus: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Versailles
(23:53:20) Hallo: URL title: Treaty of Versailles – Wikisource, the free online library
(23:53:31) Jonas: 😛
(23:56:48) Rasmus: THE APOLLONIAN REPUBLIC OF SHIREROTH’S EAST and the CONFEDERATION OF HAU’OLI ‘ENA these Powers being described in the present Treaty as the Freedom Loving People of the East. And the IMPERIAL REPUBLIC OF SHIREROTH on the other part.
(23:58:08) Rasmus: Well, if you want I can do the negotiations and see how far the [Shirerithians] will go through the dust?
(00:01:31) Rasmus: If you ask me, we will find out how far they are willing to go by asking them to apologize for the colonial rule?

This refers to the discussion about Aracigrad, a city that according to tradition would always be an ordinary city in Shireroth. But we took it and made it an ordinary city in the ARSE. During the independence struggle that seemed to be our biggest crime. It’s only in [Shireroth myth] that we evolved from the people who broke up a country for fun and controversy into evil and cunning plotters who would have done much more than what we actually did, if only our dirty play wasn’t anticipated by the genius counterterrorist efforts of Shireroth.

Perhaps it’s a compliment that these people see us as something other than fools. But in reality, it was just a temporary and fun project to us. If they don’t want Kildare back, no worries – we will keep it for a while.

Jezza Rasmus
Federal Chancellor
Gong Federation

Letter: Yastreb wrong on Apollonian Confederation