The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere

The Coprieta Standard highlights some of the news stories from our fellow micronational news media services around the Blogosphere in the past week.

Vol. 1 Ed. 7

February 1 to 7, 2015

  • Despite two-thirds of its population considering themselves Christian, Sandus is failing to identify with this religious majority, according to a report published in Sacerdotium. The report, authored by Adam von Friedeck, the micronation’s Liaison for Religious Minorities and Religious Diversity Interests, noted that Sandus revolves largely around Buddhist philosophy and as a result, “Christianity has had no influence on our holidays or philosophy as officially described by the State.”
  • The Namayan News Agency reported that Namayan had successfully absorbed the Republic of Daikoku as an autonomous republic on February 1, marking a notable consolidation of the Philippine Sector. “I think it is one step towards unity in Philippine micronationalism. Let us be united in fostering a better micronational community ….,” said Namayan Prime Minister Timothy Laranang.
  • After transforming Lostisland into a dictatorship on New Year’s Eve, President Yaroslav Mar fulfilled his commitment to allow the Prime Minister to be democratically elected this month. The Lostislandic Checkpoint published the results of the election on February 4, in which former Prime Minister Deniz Tezcan, who resigned from the office in May 2013 amid civic unrest, regained the post with a healthy 54.5% of the popular vote.
The Week That Was – Around the Blogosphere