Hamland aims to unilaterally annex Stars

NEW KIRRIE — As the Republic of Stars seeks to reclaim its Micras territory after a recent inactivity removal, Hamland has vote to unilaterally annex the micronation claiming economic security.

Introduced by Pallisico Sinclair, who is also the administrator of SCUE, the measure notes that since the Republic holds 0.9% of all currency reserves within SCUE, and given that it also retains considerable investment interests within the Hammish economy, it was incumbent on Hamland to unilaterally annex it for economic security.

The annexation, which has received the blessing of Hamland’s parliamentarians, authorized the Hammish government to undertake the “total annexation” of the Republic of Stars, including absorbing all of its SCUE holdings. This, according to Sinclair, will “protect [Hamland’s] non-food and oil industries, which will otherwise lose upwards of 77% of their funding when Stars is removed from SCUE.”

Sinclair, who is also currently embroiled in a legal controversy due to his recent decision to impose a supranational tax on SCUE members, dismissed any claim of impropriety on the part of Hamland with respect to the annexation intentions.

“We are able … to lay fairly legitimate claims to any territory in which we are involved economically,” he said, “In this case, Stars basically did the work for us … insofar as they senselessly invested way, way too much money in our economy, which meant that we would eventually need to intervene in the event that they became inactive.”

Hamland will allow the Republic of Stars and its President, Tobey Rowe, to object to its annexation between now and March 4. Unless the Republic explicitly objects to the annexation (i.e. ignoring Hamland is not an option), Hamland will follow through with its plans. It is unclear if Stars will issue a formal response, though it has already sought to reclaim its Micras territory, indicating that Hamland may be rebuked.

It remains to be seen how this action by Hamland will affect international investment in its economy by other micronations in the future.

Hamland aims to unilaterally annex Stars