Zarca refocuses, explores seasteading project

ZARCA – The abandonment of its goal to create a sustainable low-impact community in Canada in favour of pursuing seasteading marks a significant shift in focus for the Republic of Zarca.

The concept of seasteading is characteristically micronational in that it involves the construction of permanent at-sea dwellings beyond the reach of existing territorial waters (think Sealand but without the disputed sovereignty question). The concept of seasteading has been popularized in recent years since the founding of the Seasteading Institute in 2008.

Founded in 2014, Zarca originally sought to create an environmentally-friendly community based on green building techniques and aquaculture in Northern Ontario, a Province of Canada. In announcing its focal shift yesterday, it has voiced its intention to be “the first Eco Village / Sustainable Community / MicroNation on the sea,” according to the update description of its Twitter account.

In seeking to develop a “modest” seasteading project, Zarca is anticipating the need to raise $35 million, which will be used to acquire and refurbish a cruise ship and support up to one-year of operating expenses. Funding will be done via contributions from private investors and crowd-funding campaigns. According to its Facebook announcement, the government is actively seeking to partner with technology companies that can assist it in achieving its sustainability and green-building goals for the project.

The micronation’s government intends on launching the pilot project as one that would see up to 3,000 residents. Long-term goals include increasing the resident population to between 10,000 and 20,000 and allowing individuals to purchase property rights within the floating community.

2015-03-10 16:10: Zarca remains committed to creating a sustainable low-impact community; however, it has switched from a land-based to a sea-based approach to doing so. The Coprieta Standard regrets the unclear wording in this article that may have given the impression that Zarca was abandoning that goal.

Zarca refocuses, explores seasteading project