Bromenia disbands

MICROWIKI – MicroWiki micronationalists lined up yesterday to say goodbye to a long-standing micronation in their ranks as the Macedon Republic of Bromenia was ordered disbanded by its government.

The announcement was made by the secessionist Balkan micronation’s President, Mattiaš Kocjek, following a government session on March 9. During that session, the leadership of Bromenia decided that their aspirations for statehood were no longer tenable due to a significant population drain from forty-six to twelve citizens.

Kocjek noted that many of the citizens had simply “forgot about the project completely,” ultimately leading to its downfall. Kocjek nonetheless encouraged other secessionists not to be discouraged by Bromenia’s failure. “It’s a very achievable dream,” he told them, while acknowledging its “harsh reality”.

Bromenia was founded in September 2013 and was centred on an abandoned village in Bulgaria called Dragostin that it intended to renovate into its capital city over a period of seven years. Among its stated successes was it being the first ‘country’ in Southeast Europe to recognize same-sex marriages, which was part of its wider goal to close the gender-gap through the prioritizing of women’s and LGBT rights.

Bromenia disbands

2 thoughts on “Bromenia disbands

  1. Mattias Kocjek says:

    The information in this article is no longer correct. Bromenia was reformed a few days after it’s original fall, this was due to encouragement from the rest of the micronational community and some Bromeni citizens wishing to continue the project, including myself.

    I would appreciate it if the information in this post is corrected or the post was removed – I’ll be happy to comment if you wish to alter this post or make a new one about Bromenia’s revival.


    I’ll be happy to verify my identity through an exchange private messages on the forums if required.


  2. Hi Mattias,

    Thank you for the update regarding Bromenia.

    The Coprieta Standard is a news service, as opposed to a wiki or encyclopaedia, so the article will not be amended or deleted in light of Bromenia’s restart. The news article was factual when published and therefore will remain as is as part of the historical record.

    Your comment will nonetheless serve the purpose of updating the reader as to Bromenia’s revival.

    I wish Bromenia all the best on this latest chapter in its history.



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