Leadership change in Micras institutions

HUB.MN – On the heels of recent leadership resignations in two of its pre-eminent intermicronational organizations, the Micras community has conducted elections that may serve to bring in a new era.

The recent revival of the Micras Treaty Organization led to the adoption of an amendment to its charter treaty allowing for the designation of a permanent Deputy-Secretary. That adoption also provided Secretary-General Nathan Waffel-Paine, who had held position since November 2012, an out as he announced his resignation on March 11.

Voting to replace Waffel-Paine began on March 23, with Alexandrian delegate Primo de Aguilar and Gong Federation delegate Jezza Rasmus vying to gain the Secretary-Generalship. With voting scheduled to end in just over 48 hours, Aguilar has garnered four of the seven votes cast by delegates.

A historic, and sometimes militant, rivalry between Alexandria and the Gong Federation’s predecessor state of Jingdao aside, both individuals hope to return the Organization to the relevance it enjoyed from 2011 to 2013. That renewed relevance is sorely needed in the view of some, as the Micras community has become more starkly defined by divide between the Bastion Union and non-Bastion Union micronations.

Meanwhile, the Standardised Currency and Unified Economy organization also passed through a leadership change. Administrator Pallisico Sinclair, who found himself embroiled in controversy for pursuing what many considered to be an activist agenda, resigned in frustration on March 13.

The ensuing election for a new Administrator saw long-time Micran economists Giles Melang and Liam Sinclair face-off for the position though their individual policy platforms had more in common than not. Ultimately, with the conclusion of the three-day election yesterday, Liam Sinclair had gained seven of the nine delegate votes cast to become the third Administrator since the founding of the organization in 2009.

Of immediate concern to the new Administrator is a promised review of the SCUE Treaty wording to resolve diverging interpretations that underpinned much of the angst that ultimately led to Pallisico Sinclair’s shortened administration. Liam Sinclair is expected to release more details on his administration’s plans in the coming days.

Leadership change in Micras institutions