Earth Day focuses Alexandrian election

GENEVA – As the world celebrates the 45th Earth Day today, the event brought focus to the environmental policies on which Alexandrian political parties are campaigning in this week’s election.

The incumbent UMD government of Sebastian Goddestreu, which saw the outgoing Imperial Assembly pass its much-touted Environment Act on April 13, is hoping to ride the momentum generated by that legislation as it seeks re-election. The party has committed to encourage the development of further renewable energy generation capacity while funding research into new green technologies. The livability of Alexandria’s cities is of particular focus for the UMD in this campaign, with Goddestreu promising to invest in affordable public transportation in an effort to alleviate pollution-causing congestion.

The opposition Liberal Alliance, again led by Juana Beazcoetxea, announced the most comprehensive set of environmental initiatives of all the parties on the heels of its criticism of the Goddestreu government for leaving the introduction of the Environment Act until the dying days of the Assembly. Characterizing her party as the “greenest party” in Alexandria during debate on the Act, the Liberal Alliance will seek to encourage the development of sustainable primary industries in Alexandria if elected. It further announced its intention to phase out the use of fossil fuels within Alexandria in favour of green sources (both for consumption and power generation); however, natural gas, a key source of revenue for the government through PetroAlex, will be exempted. The introduction of a Green Tax to generate revenue for conservation and environmental protection initiatives was also promised.

The Parti Socialiste, under the leadership of Nate Pierre-DuVal, in stark comparison to its competitors, only focused part of a single sentence of its platform on the environment, promising to tax pollution in order to moderate the use of Alexandria’s natural resources.

Election results will be announced on Saturday, April 25.

Earth Day focuses Alexandrian election