Saturn moon claim yields “fantasy” designation

[CS] The Archduchy of Mimas is protesting it’s labelling as a “Fantasy Nation” by one of Wikia’s MicroWiki administrators as a result of its territorial claim on its namesake Saturn moon.

The short dispute began on May 3 when Administrator “Deutschlandkaiser” edited Mimas’ wiki entry to label it a “Fantasy Nation,” as its sole territorial claim was on the Saturn moon of the same name, noting that “cyber or space claiming nations are not deemed micronations as per consensus.” Archduke Christoph of Mimas removed the label the following day, in turn provoking a warning from Deutschlandkaiser to not revert administrative edits.

Mimas moved quickly on May 4 to lodge a terrestrial claim on the Bjäre peninsula in Sweden in an attempt to appease the Wiki’s policy, but to no avail, as it was told that having any non-terrestrial claim would qualify it as a Fantasy Nation automatically.

Christoph was disappointed with the decision by Deutschlandkaiser, but signalled that the micronation would nonetheless respect it. In responding, he said, “[Mimas] is not worthy being called a ‘Fantasy’ nation, but of course we submit to your authority.”

He called for the community to revise the rule, noting that while Mimas may claim territory in Space, its citizens are “not a fantasy nor is the governmental system which our nation relies upon.” To that extent, Mimas has begun a Twitter campaign, using #NoFantasy, to draw attention to its case, in an effort to gain popular support for policy revisions that would result in the removal of the “Fantasy Nation” label.

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Saturn moon claim yields “fantasy” designation

2 thoughts on “Saturn moon claim yields “fantasy” designation

  1. Augustus says:

    While I don’t believe extraterrestrial claims are the sort of thing which makes one take a micronation seriously, it’s important to distinguish between an extraterrestrial micronational claim and a micronation claiming that they’re extraterrestrial. If Mimas were claiming that they were situated on Saturn, then yes, they’d be a fantasy micronation, but that’s not what they’re claiming at all. I suspect one of the admins on Wikia just saw the word “Saturn” and added the template.


    1. Microwatch says:

      The article states that even with terrestrial claims Mimas is not considered a real Micronation.

      I found this on Microwiki:

      “What is a micronation?
      A micronation is, at least to MicroWiki: “an entity which claims sovereignty over a physical area, but is not recognized by any internationally recognized state” and thus Cybernations and fantasy nations aren’t covered by this wiki.”

      There is a BIG loophole here, which would give Mimas right. Their definition does not state that a micronation is “an entity which *SOLELY* claims sovereignty over a physical area”. So following their own definition Mimas would be considered a micronation, since it claims sovereignty over a physical area.

      Legally, their definition would be binding and it would in court most likely give Mimas right.

      Anyone who can notify this to Mimas?


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