Tapfer powers enter into regional pact

THALASSA (CS) – A treaty concerning geographical boundaries, trade, airspace, and a continental highway system has been entered into by the four micronations spread across the Micras continent of Tapfer.

The Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty will further define the “in-simulation” characteristics of the continent located on the Simulationist Micras. The agreement entered into force yesterday as the representatives of the four micronations of Alexandria, Jingdao, Natopia and Stormark affixed their signatures to the comprehensive text.

The agreement commits each micronation to respect its neighbours’ sovereignty and territorial boundaries, including airspace up to 100 km above, while requiring each to exploit natural resources within its boundaries in an environmentally conscious manner.
A quasi-free trade clause within the treaty will ensure that burdensome tariffs will not be levied on goods; however, the clause has been limited to only goods produced on Tapfer and exported within the territory held by each micronation on that continent. It is yet to be seen whether the clause, in practice, serves to create confusion or inefficiencies through duality of tariff systems in those micronations that have their primary manufacturing centres based elsewhere on Micras, such as Alexandria and Stormark.

The most significant, and costly, provision of the treaty is the creation of the Tapfer Highway System across the continent (pictured). The extensive freeway-type transportation network would allow residents to travel across the continent with minimal restriction, with border control points being limited to freeway exits rather than the routes themselves.

The Treaty is the first major regional diplomatic pact in Tapfer since the Novasolum Regional Micronational Community covered the continent from 2005 to 2007.

Tapfer powers enter into regional pact