Bridget University begins offering courses

MCARTHIA CITY – The first university within the Republic of Mcarthia’s has begun operation, offering micronationalists access to a number of courses in culture, economics, and micronational awareness.

With four courses being offered at the outset, Bridget University is an ambitious foray into micronational education services. The course selection, of which half the content is developed according to President Anthony Clark, represents notable progress in the development of the institution in a facet of micronationalism often marred by false-starts.

The courses are presented by Clark, who is placing a particular emphasis on economics, a subject area that represents half of the current course offerings. In speaking with the Standard, he noted that he felt that economics required particular emphasis as it is “an area in which I think many micronationalists could learn more about.”

Another course, the “Ultimate Micronational Guide” targets new micronationalists and provides lectures concerning a wide variety of aspects, including governance and culture, the latter of which is also the focus of a more in-depth course. There are also plans to develop courses that focus on politics, foreign relations, and diplomacy, according to Clark.

The university has raised early interest, with two students having enrolled in courses according to Clark, and a commitment from the Kid United Republic to recognize any degree granted.

Bridget University begins offering courses