Pavlov’s “ideological posturing” condemned

ANCOURT – In lamenting a deterioration of the diplomatic climate in the MicroWiki Community, Sebastian Linden has released a verbose religiously-charged statement condemning the parties he views as responsible for the split.

The statement, guised as a theocratic despatch-general published yesterday in Linden’s Rudno Courier, specifically targets Pavlov and its recent dispute with the intermicronational organization La MicroFrancophonie. The latter has discussed sanctions against Pavlov in the days since it announced a strict conservative position on homosexuality, resulting in Pavlov declaring La MicroFrancophonie to be a terrorist organization.

The spat traces back to a June 26 statement in which Pavlovian Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mr. Cazimir Qёrimbasy replied with disdain to the pro-gay marriage ruling of the United States Supreme Court, labelling the ruling as the forceful imposition of a progressivist agenda. “Any person engaging in homosexual activities, or voicing support for them, within the Pavlovian realm, with be persecuted … as an enemy of God, Emperor and Fatherland,” he declared, describing homosexual acts with terms such as “degeneracy, harlotry, and infidelity”.

In an arguably common example of invoking “God” or (widely-open to interpretation) scripture, the Pavlovian statement provoked Mr. Linden to invoke other parts of scripture in strong condemnation. Not so much as a condemnation of the micronation’s position on homosexuality, which Mr. Linden did not wish to debate, but rather of how Pavlov is conducting itself diplomatically. He described the Pavlovian manner as “prideful and vain” and “ideological posturing”.

Mr. Linden argued that Pavlov, as a faithful Christian micronation, should act with “meekness and fear” in its conveyance of Christian values (or rather its interpretation of such). “The world ought to know [Christians] by our love. Not by our crazed rants,” he charged, implying that Pavlov’s conduct will only alienate people from the faith. “I therefore urge the government and people of Pavlov to reconsider their public image and their conduct in the intermicronational sphere within the context of their very own faith and repent from the prideful vanity of their diplomatic behaviour thus far.”

While his personal scorn was clearly directed at Pavlov, Mr. Linden nonetheless sought to also temper the actions of La MicroFrancophonie’s membership. “The internal affairs of another nation, however much they may conflict with your own ideology, are not your concern … you are not the intermicronational rights police,” he opined. Mr. Linden encouraged the organization to forego the use of sanctions and blockades, which he described as ineffectual in micronationalism, suggesting that the organization “approach those you disagree with in a tender spirit.” Or otherwise, in accordance with Christian doctrine, to turn the other cheek on Pavlov or similar micronations and “ignore them”.

Pavlov’s “ideological posturing” condemned