MCS objects to Hammish gripe

HUB.MN – In joining Alexandria’s objection to two appointments to the MCS Administrative Council made last month, Hamland has raised the ire of the organization’s Administrator General.

The June 3rd appointments of Jack Lewis and Jezza Rasmus to the Council as a Junior Councillor and Senior Councillor, respectively, was perceived by some to be an unfair increase in representation from the Bastion Union sector of the Micras community.

With Stormark’s candidate for the Council, Sigrdrifa, having lost out to Lewis and Rasmus during voting, the Stormark-bloc of micronations, consisting also of Alexandria and Hamland, immediately perceived a pro-Bastion Union bias in the process. Alexandria subsequently lodged a formal protest to the appointments after a June 21st decision of its parliament to support such a measure.

Hamland followed Alexandria with the tabling of a motion in its parliament to voice no-confidence in the new appointees to the Council that was passed unanimously and filed with the Council yesterday. The author of the Hammish motion, Donat Ravaillac, suggested in it that the appointments represented the “severe compromising of the organization’s impartiality,” while encouraging a more balanced representation between Bastion Union and non-Bastion Union micronations on the Council.

The MCS Administrator General, Craitman Pellegrino, took exception to the accusation of bias within the Council in favour of the Bastion Union. “I would personally say that one full Council member has a particular association with the Bastion, alongside our junior member; so 2/6,” he argued, noting that the total representation on the Council by Bastion Union micronationalists has consistently hovered around two individuals.

Pellegrino concluded his remarks by alluding to a political, as opposed to factual, motivation for the Alexandrian and Hammish objections. He noted, in a dry sarcasm, that if the representation of any one community within the Council was such a serious matter, there has yet to be any concerns voiced to half of the current Council being from the MicroWiki Community.

MCS objects to Hammish gripe

One thought on “MCS objects to Hammish gripe

  1. Jezza Rasmus says:

    The candidate from Stormark is also a very active member of the Bastion Union. She is one of the most active politicians of Shireroth. If Hamland would wish a non-Bastion member had been elected, it should have provided a nomination in the first place.


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