Diplomatic overhaul occurs in Sandus

KREMLUM SANDUS – In announcing a number of changes to its diplomatic relationships over the past number of days, Sandus has signalled the undertaking of a major foreign policy overhaul.

The significant change in direction for the micronation’s foreign policy began on July 13th when the Sôgmô, Will Sörgel, announced that Sandus would cut diplomatic ties with a number of bilateral partners while also ending its participation in the Saint Josephburg Economic Pact due to concerns over further integration.

In suspending relations with the Empire of Pavlov and the Sorrenian Federation, Sörgel cited what he described as these micronations committing infringements of Sandum diplomatic virtues. Specifically, these infringements referred to an inability to resolve ethical differences on the matter of homosexuality in the case of Pavlov, and a massive sharing of citizenship within the Sorrenian Federation which Sandus viewed as an unprofessional practice.

“With the suspension of relations with the Sorrenian Federation, Sandus has reasserted its commitment to serious and professional diplomacy …,” said Sörgel, noting that Sandus was following in the footsteps of other micronations in calling for greater professionalism in micronationalism.

Perhaps the most significant policy change came when Sandus announced a key re-engagement with Sirocco, which it had viewed as an ideological adversary since 2010. Sörgel announced that full diplomatic relations between the two micronations commenced today, marking a key step in normalizing diplomacy between the two for the first time in either’s history.

Sandus will also seek further economic and political integration with Kumano and Überstadt through a future tripartite association currently under discussion, while renewing bilateral initiatives with Landashir. Those initiatives include the relaxation of border controls, cooperation on the protection of minority rights, and the further development of local languages.

Diplomatic overhaul occurs in Sandus