Herbatrean Thu banknotes unveiled

MAESHOWE – The Herbatrean Federation has unveiled the first specimen of inaugural banknotes for its local currency, the Thu, with the banknote receiving praise for its high quality rendering.

The currency, officially designated as the Herbatrean Thu (þ), came into existence with the founding of the Federation from four other micronations on November 5 of last year. It will slowly replace local currencies, and the use of the Euro, during a phased roll-out starting this summer and culminating on November 5.

The 75þ banknote was unveiled via Twitter as a teaser on July 15; however it, and the banknotes for eight other denominations, will not enter official circulation until July 26, according to information provided to the Coprieta Standard by Auxiliary President Bryn James, who is responsible for economic unification and the rollout of the new currency. In total, James said, there will be twenty-nine denominations in order to account for the lack of coinage being stamped within the micronation. The banknotes for each of a further ten denominations will subsequently enter circulation on July 29 and August 9.

While the designs for all of the banknotes will be not be released until two days prior to each’s entry into circulation, the Coprieta Standard has been provided with an exclusive first-look at two other banknotes set for entry into circulation on July 26. The 3þ and 20þ banknotes, along with the already released 75þ banknote, as can be seen below by clicking the thumbnail, follow a nature-based theme.


James celebrated the design of the Thu as an accomplishment for the micronation’s population, noting that all of the designs were created locally through a collaborative process. “Herbatrea is lucky to be home to several people with [graphic design] experience so their skills have been very helpful,” he said.

The government is also inviting other micronations, especially those which maintain a strong diplomatic relationship with the Federation or are unable to issue or maintain a local currency, to adopt the Thu in parallel with their domestic currency or as a replacement for it. “The Bureau of Finance hopes that the Herbatrean Thu will become the [United States] Dollar of micronations,” James said. “[The Bureau hopes] that the Herbatrean Thu can become the world’s main micronational reserve currency.”

Herbatrean Thu banknotes unveiled