Alexandria and Jingdao to bury hatchet

GENEVA – Nearly three years after Alexandria and Jingdao came to loggerheads over control of the Barbary Strait, the micronations have concluded a significant treaty enshrining peace and diplomatic cooperation.

While the two micronations had been in a diplomatic détente in recent years, the move toward official peace picked up momentum following Jingdao’s condemnation of the failed usurpation of the Alexandrian Crown last month by Henry Carvajal. Within a week of the incident, the Emperors of both micronations had signed the treaty, which is subject to parliamentary approval in Alexandria.

The treaty requires Jingdao and Alexandria to recognize each’s sovereign territory and it will compel each to resolve any outstanding or future diplomatic disputes in a peaceful manner, with the assistance of a neutral arbiter if necessary. It is expected that the treaty will avoid a repeat of the September 2012 Alexandrian “Freedom Convoy” that challenged Jingdao’s control over the Barbary Strait, which is the only ocean passage available to access the major Alexandrian commercial ports of Lille, Crecy and Vincennes.

Alexandria’s Parti Socialiste leader Mireille Bessette spoke in favour of the treaty during the parliamentary proceedings in Geneva. “We are now enjoying an opportunity to give peace a chance,” said Bessette. “To consider this opportunity is to remember that all progress needs to flourish is the opportunity … and this Treaty is a step towards better understanding, peace and greater harmony.”

With three of four voting members currently casting votes in favour, formal adoption of the treaty is expected before the current parliament dissolves tomorrow.

Alexandria and Jingdao to bury hatchet