Shireroth creates first federal police force

SHIREKEEP — Fifteen years after its founding, the Imperial Republic of Shireroth has marked a new first for the micronation, with the founding of an inaugural federal law enforcement agency.

In introducing the bill to create the Mango Rangers, as the police force will be known as, Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir noted that the lack of such a federal police force at present signalled weakness on the part of the Imperial Government. “[It] very much contributes to the perception of the country being weak and an easy prey for lawlessness, subverters and troublemakers,” Hallbjörnsdóttir said.

The Rangers will be tasked with promoting justice and security through law enforcement, while also maintaining public order throughout Shireroth. While it would provide general law enforcement services in Imperial Dominions and on Imperial properties, its jurisdiction within Imperial States will be limited to federal matters only. In addition to the investigations it will be tasked with regarding offences under various federal laws, the Rangers will also provide security for Imperial Government officials, administer the Imperial Prison System, and conduct intelligence and counter-intelligence operations.

The prospect of a federal law enforcement agency did not initially sit easily with all members of the Landsraad. In particular, Mira Raynora voiced concern over the Rangers potentially being used as a tool by the federal government to dominate matters within Imperial States, reflecting the tenuous relationship that has long existed between those levels of government in Shireroth.

“What is to stop the [Minister of the Interior] from turning this force into a weapon against the States?” she pleaded in her opposition to the bill; however, her concerns were quickly addressed and she subsequently cast her vote in favour of the bill, which was adopted unanimously yesterday.

The Ministry of the Interior has not yet announced a timeframe for the implementation of the provisions or a date on which the Rangers will become operational.

Shireroth creates first federal police force