Shireroth likely to leave SCUE

SHIREKEEP – With forty-eight hours still remaining in the vote, Shireroth’s Landsraad appears ready to approve it’s removal from the SCUE amid a populist anti-micronational economy wave of sentiment in the micronation.

The binding resolution, introduced by Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion on August 24, was prompted largely by frustration on his part. Despite his efforts to inspire Shirithians to engage in economic activity during his reign as Kaiser at the outset of 2015, Ayreon-Kalirion’s attempts were met with indifference due to the lack of a local market. “We should just leave the SCUE. There’s no market for the money. No one wants an economy, there is no supply nor demand for money. We might as well leave the ship before it sinks,” he said dejectedly while tabling the motion.

The motion was quickly seconded by Malliki Nur Pinito, an established opponent of micronational economics, who charged that “[Shireroth gains] nothing from pretending that tomorrow, or the day after tops, is the day that a ‘real’ micronational economy will take off. It’s not going to happen. Let’s abandon this failed system (SCUE) and build something of our own.”

As a banking product developed by Erik Metzler of Shireroth and Andreas the Wise of Gralus in 2009, the proposal touched a nerve with several Shirerithians, some of whom did not feel comfortable withdrawing from something of their own.

Vilhelm Benkern led opposition to the motion, exclaiming that “a time when Shireroth turns its back on its own creation, when it turns its back on the outside world, gazes into its own navel, would be a dark time indeed.” While he acknowledged that Shireroth has made limited use of the SCUE ((The SCUE is a treaty organization that provides to its signatory micronations a common currency and access to software to facilitate banking transactions.)) in recent years, he did not see a need to withdrawal from it, as being a member of the organization was “not hurting us, and it’s not getting in the way.”

Benkern further suggested that a removal from the SCUE would limit Shireroth’s ability to participate in intermicronational commerce; though there has been little such commerce in recent years within the Micras community, both within the SCUE and outside of it in those micronations that maintain local economic systems use forum points systems or other mechanisms.

Pinito proclaimed, in response to Benkern, that it was pointless to remain in the SCUE as it was a “malfunctioning banking system” that was “useless”. He suggested that being a member of the SCUE limited Shireroth’s endeavours in other areas of micronational economics, preventing it from being more creative; however the fact that Shireroth is not exploring any economic alternatives raised a quick rebuke from Benkern. “What is the use of removing ourselves from a system without an alternative? I don’t believe we will spontaneously have good ideas because we’re not in SCUE … As this proposal stands, we are leaving SCUE to go to nothing,” he countered.

With the vote on adoption of the resolution continuing until September 2, supporters of an exit from the SCUE currently hold a 5 to 3 majority. With most active Shirerithians having cast a vote, it is likely that Shireroth will leave the organization by September 12.

It is presently unclear what means, if any, the Imperial Government will introduce to facilitate future economic transactions in place of the software offered by the SCUE. At present, it appears that Shireroth will fully abandon micronational economics for the foreseeable future.

Shireroth likely to leave SCUE