Gotzborg launches basketball league

COPRIETA – A basketball league is gearing up for its inaugural season in Gotzborg, marking the first organized national-level league in the micronation since the Gotzborg Baseball League of 2013.

The Gotzborg Basketball League, a virtual sports league created by basketball enthusiast Josh Wesloh, consists of twelve teams that will compete for four playoff berths. Wesloh has been busy organizing the league in the last two weeks, having held a ten-round draft while also designing team and stadium logos, along with finalizing team rosters.

“I hope to bring entertainment to the Kingdom and bring the Kingdom closer together,” said Wesloh, explaining his motivation in creating the league. While rivalries have yet to be formed, Wesloh suggests that fans keep a close eye on games between the Coprieta Royals and the Lonenberg Kings, who held the first- and second-overall draft picks, respectively.

The league is expected to launch its first season by September 15.

See below for a gallery of the team logos created by Wesloh.

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Gotzborg launches basketball league