Hamland announces new government plan

NEW KIRRIE – As the micronation moves forward into an autumn lull in activity, the Hammish government has announced its policy programme for the next sitting of Parliament.

Preparations for the new sitting follow what the Prime Minister, Lord Lewis, described as a successful summer sitting, which saw parliamentarians adopt a major currency reform and make progress on the authoring of a new constitution for the micronation.

The legislative programme for the upcoming sitting will consist of five major undertakings, Lewis announced, which includes two measures to further build on the aforementioned constitutional and currency reforms. The government expects to complete the overhaul of the micronation’s constitution by mid-November, while it will also launch the local installation of the Micras-developed phpBank to facilitate trade under the new currency, the Zenar.

The government will undertake developments in an effort to build Hamland’s cultural heritage, specifically by expanding the local constructed language while advancing religious diversity.

The programme will also see a renewed vigor in foreign relations between Hamland and its prominent allies, Passio-Corum and Alexandria. “I do not want to see [our relations] waste or wither,” said Lewis. “We must do our best to strengthen what good friendships we have.”

The final plank of the programme will be the creation of a comprehensive law book in order to create a “thriving legislated state”.

“As always with politics, we must turn the page … Growth and activity cannot be sustained upon good, or bad, feeligns but only on a vision to improve what is there already,” Lewis said in reflecting on the programme.

Hamland announces new government plan