Polls set to close in Flanders election

BRUSWERP – The Republic of Flanders is set to conclude its latest elections tomorrow, with a change at the reigns of government ensured as the current president of the micronation steps aside.

The sole candidate for Federal President, Marcus Lucius, the leader of the Conservative Party, is expected to win the confirmation vote and take over from outgoing President Mateo Matti Assen, a fixture of the Flemish political scene since 2008.

Lucius had campaigned on a six-point platform prior to the commencement of the vote that included a commitment for renewed activity within the micronation by supporting private initiatives of the citizenry and limiting stagnation within the government caused by inactive citizens holding key portfolios. Lucius further promised to implement constitutional reforms that would introduce plebiscites and increase human rights protections. He also committed to a diplomatic re-engagement for Flanders based on an openness towards other micronations.

In addition to the presidential election, voters are also casting ballots for the federal parliament (Bondskamer). The four political parties – the Conservative Party, the National Progress Party, the League for the 3rd Republic and the King, Faith, and Federalism Party – have each fielded a single candidate.

The outgoing parliament was dominated by a coalition between the National Progress Party and the League for the 3rd Republic, which held forty-five of fifty seats in the Bondskamer.

Polls set to close in Flanders election