Labour Code proposed for Alexandria

GENEVA – Alexandria’s Liberal Alliance government has unveiled new Labour Code legislation that aims to enshrine statutory leave requirements, a generous workers savings bond programme, and a minimum wage for the micronation.

The Alexandrian Labour Code of 2015 will standardize worker rights across the micronation, including providing workers with the option of demanding a written contract prior to employment. The Code would formalize a standard eight-hour work day, while ensuring that workers enjoy a two-day rest period each week. Also provided are generous leave entitlements, including fourteen days of paid vacation leave and seven days of paid sick leave each year, in addition to seven weeks of paid maternity/paternity leave.

“We know how hard you work,” First Consul Primo de Aguilar said during his press conference announcing the measures. “Thank you for contributing to the growth of the Alexandrian economy!”

As a further reward to workers for their contributions, the Code will allow participation in a generous savings bond programme with a guaranteed 5% return on investment, with the proceeds from the interest being tax-exempt.

The Code may prove popular with most workers and businesses within Alexandria; however, it’s arguably protectionist provision that requires the new worker benefits to be funded through a 5% tariff on all imports may prove unpopular with the micronation’s trade partners and with businesses who depend on foreign sales.

Mr. Aguilar did not respond to a request for comment on the tariff by the Coprieta Standard prior to this article going to press.

Labour Code proposed for Alexandria