New project to pair micronations

For those micronations that are having difficulty seeking out like-minded micronations with which to build their foreign relations portfolio, a new project aims to ease the burden and foster the development of long-lasting diplomacy.

The initiative, announced by Anthony Clark on November 20, is a collaborative effort between him, Ned Greiner, Patrick Renwick, and Gabriel Pelger.

“In much the same way as cities are paired with each other, we’ve created a system to pair micronations with each other,” said Clark, as he announced the release of an extensive survey that interested micronations, or sub-national entities, can complete.

Once a micronation has completed the survey, suggested diplomatic pairings will be determined, based on “various factors”. Among the factors considered in the survey are the political knowledge and ideology of the micronation’s leadership, the level of cultural development of the micronation, and the overall purpose of the micronation (Secessionist or Simulationist, for example).

“We think this would be an excellent way of strengthening intermicronational ties and cooperation,” Clark said as he encouraged micronations to participate in the initiative.

The survey is straight-forward and takes approximately five minutes to complete, at which point a follow-up contact will be made with the micronation’s representative with the results.

New project to pair micronations

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