Micras activity at year-low

“So many <1 PPD nations …,” said Jezza Rasmus discouragingly in reply to the MCS’ thirty-eighth monthly forum check statistics released on March 1. And rightfully so, as the MCS reported that 16 of Micras’ 27 member micronations had yielded an average of less than one post-per-day on their national forums over the course of the month of February.

The benchmark of activity measures within the Micras community, the average PPD indicator has been central to the MCS’ management of the fictional world map project for much of its near sixteen-year history. At present, generally, a member micronation that fails to achieve a minimum of 10 posts per month (an average of 0.33 PPD) for three consecutive months may be declared inactive and unceremoniously have its territory reduced or otherwise be wholly removed from the Micras world map if it fails to receive any posts in that time frame.

Yet Rasmus’ discouragement may well be misplaced. While 16 of 27 micronations failing to achieve enough interest or participation to attain one PPD may be disappointing, this number has been fairly constant over the last year (see chart). This indicates that the phenomenon may not be as destabilizing to the community as one might think.


Of greater concern is the plunge in the average PPD across all Micras micronations that shows a steady decline in the overall activity of the community since March 2015. According to the thirty-eighth instalment of the forum check statistics, the community averaged a total of 66 PPD last month. That is in down from an average of 193 PPD a year earlier and the lowest of any month since.

The 66 PPD figure is expected to increase once the bastion of activity in the community, Stormark, reports its statistics; however, the figure nonetheless paints a dreary picture of activity in the community outside of Stormark’s borders.

Perhaps Rasmus’ discouragement, while statistically misplaced, is sadly warranted.

Micras activity at year-low