Sper Conference implodes from start

The Sper Conference organized by Gerenia has been derailed, not only by a lack of participation from a key micronation, Senya, but by a Jingdaoese repulsion to Shireroth’s involvement.

Convened on February 12 by Gerenian President Gerald Ruze, the conference aimed to create a regional pact on the Micras continent of Apollonia that allowed for freedom of navigation, the delineation of areas of territorial interest, and the integration of transportation infrastructure. The conference invited Apollonian micronations that bordered the Northern Sea and Lake Lamantia to attend, specifically, Gerenia, Jingdao, Senya, and Shireroth.

As reported by the Coprieta Standard on February 21, the conference struggled from the start, as Senya had failed to send a delegation. Despite Ruze’s efforts to move the conference forward in Senya’s absence, simmering animosity on the part of Jingdao toward Shireroth ultimately made the Sper Conference a non-starter.

The unravelling of the conference began on February 24 when Jingdao’s emperor, Jezza Rasmus, decreed that he wished to “property the Jingdaoese people against [the] meddling of [Shireroth],” and subsequently ordered his micronation’s delegation to withdraw from the conference until such a time as Shireroth ceased its participation.

Rasmus’ decree was initially met with opposition from Theodosius Myksos, a high ranking Jingdaoese. “I protest against this degree,” said Myksos as he called for the implementation of a law to prevent the emperor from issuing decrees that fail to have the support of a majority of top-level officials. Yet, despite Myksos’ opposition to abandoning the conference, the Jingdaoese delegation formally withdrew on February 29.

With only Gerenia and Shireroth remaining at the table, Ruze cancelled the conference on March 1, with no indication of any future effort to be made to reconcile the parties.

Sper Conference implodes from start