Herbatrean elections lead to coalition

A wide-ranging election that sought to fill 245 political positions across the Herbatrea’s House of Representatives and its Senate has concluded, with a coalition government now in place.

The election, which was called on March 19 for the March 24, was widely expected to be contested between the micronation’s four largest political parties – United Herbatrea, the Herbatrean Democrats, the Wickese National Party, and Lukeian Freedom; however, the end result saw Lukeian Freedom shut-out of the leaderboard.

In the end, the outsider Herbatrean Socialist Party gained 20% of the popular vote, finishing a strong third ahead of the Wickese National Party that managed only 7%. The Democrats took 26% of the popular vote to finish second overall, while United Herbatrea finished at the top of the pack, gaining 35%.

With no single party having gained a clear majority in the House of Representatives, United Herbatrea and the Democrats were quick to enter into a coalition government headed by Prime Minister Derek Chalmers. As the second place party, the Democrats’ Mark Meredith was appointed to the Deputy Prime Ministership, which includes control over the treasury. The remaining 15 posts in the cabinet were divided 11 to 4 between United Herbatrea and the Democrats, respectively, with three women in total being appointed.

The next step for the new Parliament, which was officially opened today by President Ripley Thomas, will be to select a new speaker for the House of Representatives.

Herbatrean elections lead to coalition