Mercian politician seeks green reforms

Mercia’s political spectrum has expanded with the announcement by the former leader of the Humanist People’s Alliance that he will seek election as an independent “Green-Socialist”.

The election bid was supported by the roll-out of a detailed political manifesto by Callum Newton on March 28 in which he reflected on his past success as a reformer and parliamentarian for the Province of Wibertsherne. “I successfully implemented a broad set of policy [sic] … Mercia doesn’t have to stop here. Our focus should be to attach ourselves to a sustainable, peaceful, and more prosperous future,” he said in launching the expansive six-page document.

A need to ensure that the government has a clear official stance on climate change and for it to prepare for its effects headline Newton’s environmental policies. Those policies also include the implementation of Mercia’s first ever Carbon Tax, the expansion of the micronation’s agricultural capacity, and an increased focus on recycling. Such policies, Newton argued, would ensure that Mercia “grows as a sustainable, environmentally conscious nation”.

To spur economic development alongside side environmental reforms, Newton would focus on increasing green energy capacity within Wibertsherne through providing subsidies for those who make the switch from non-renewable energy sources. He would also create a local recycling service in the province that would support job creation while underpinning his related environmental policy.

With the Mercian Parliament’s term having expired on March 22, Newton’s policies will soon be put to the electorate to determine their popularity.

Mercian politician seeks green reforms

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