New Micras security bloc formed

Micras’ diplomatic community became arguably more polarized yesterday, as four micronations entered into an extensive collective security treaty, forming an alliance to be called the “Blackrock Pact”.

The Blackrock Pact will unite four Bastion Union micronations in particular – the Brettish Commonwealth, Calbion, Gerenia, and Jingdao – under an eleven-clause agreement that aims to protect the alliance members against military and other national security threats while promoting friendship and cooperation.

Under the terms of the treaty, each member will receive aid from the other alliance members to maintain the peace in its “sphere of influence,” which will be determined collectively such that all of Micras falls under the sphere of influence of at least one alliance member. The treaty will also provide for the creation of joint military bases and command structures to support interoperability.

As the largest and most politically influential member, the alliance is centered around Jingdao, which may indicate that the Blackrock Pact will seek to isolate Shireroth and buffer its influence in the Bastion Union and Micras as a whole. Most recently, at the failed Sper Conference, Jingdao withdrew in protest to Shireroth’s presence, accusing it of participating in the multilateral diplomatic conference for the purposes of “meddling” in Jingdao’s affairs.

Shireroth’s government had not issued any response to the formation of the alliance as of press time.

New Micras security bloc formed